Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence, but I had to take care of some problems and couldn't really write that much, but now I hope to get back to writing as usual!

Let us talk about Pirates, Vikings and Knight II. It's about three teams from different time periods that are after precious booty. Each team has their own classes, so the Knight team has a heavy knight who is rather slow, but can deal a lot of damage in melee or an archer who can shoot enemies with bows and crossbows.

Further classes will be added with subsequent updates. The dev team is going for 6 classes per team, and the next update will add one more class for Pirates and Knights.

Game modes include "Last Team Standing" "Booty" and "Trinket Wars". Booty makes you go for other team's treasure chests while protecting your own while Trinket Wars gives a member of your team an item to hold. Enemies killed in the vicinity of this trinket carrier count towards your points. Whoever reaches a certain amount of points first, wins the round.

The game is rather entertaining, but requires Steam and a copy of a source game like TF2, CS:S or Half-Life. Check here for a full list. Otherwise, the game is free!

If you are interested in this game, check out the devteam's page!


  1. good to have you back, this game looks pretty cool

  2. This game looks like a lot of fun and addicting. Unless I try to play it and I just get dominated instantly over and over, haha.

  3. this game is pretty sick!! thanks so much man. heard they gave out some refreshing bombs?

  4. wow i read this post again today because it was so damn good. f5 bombed, return would be appreciated ;)