Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 Ubisoft conference

Here we go, the Ubisoft conference!

Apart from Mr Caffeine, they actually had a few games to show too! They started off with Rayman Origins, a Rayman game that comes without the Rabbids and goes back to the 2d platforming we all loved about Rayman.

They also showed a new the trailer for the new Farcry 3, which looked very pretty and actually intense. You are a guy stranded on an island full of crazy people with guns and you have no means to escape.

The next game they showed is the new "Brothers in Arms: Furious 4", which I can only describe as a mix between Inglorious Basterds and Team Fortress 2. Although it was only a trailer, I think the concept sounds rather exciting and I will definitely look out for it.

Of course they also announced a Rabbids game for Kinect.

In spite of that, they also showed a demo for the new Assassin's Creed:

Looks very promising, I love the series!


  1. Thanks God! We need more good 2d titles.

  2. 2D is great, needs to have more attention. Looking forward to Assassin's Creed too!