Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 EA Conference

EA too had a lot to show this year:

One of their first titles to present was the new "Need for Speed: The Run". Basically, it's the racing game serious we all know, but this time you can leave the car and run away should you get chased by the police. Quick-Time Event are involved too. Might be a good addition or could be horrible. Time will tell.

Further games are a new Fifa, a new Madden and the new SSX Snowboarding (which admittedly showed some insane stunts).

Of course they also showed new Sims content, but in an unexpected way: Going with the social networking trend, they presented The Sims Social, which sports simplified graphics (think Habbo Hotel) and enables you to visit another person's house. This could widen the Sims audience even further.

A rather interesting game seems "Kingdom of Alamur: Reckoning", which might be an interesting RPG:

 There was also Overstrike. Looks like a shooter, but with good humour. See for yourself:

And of course they showed a demo for the upcoming Battlefield 3. It looks absolutely stunning. I can't wait to buy it!

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  1. The new Need for Speed sounds interesting. :)